of the old religion

"Every human being is a collection of selves. They change all the time. We never stay as one person as we go on our journey to the grave."

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Me llaman inconstante, qué más quisiera yo: ser inconstante como la luz. Diversa como las tardes de placer y de las de pena. Mutable como los deseos, incierta como los abrazos, altanera y fugaz como la vida. Y no soy inconstante, que más quisiera yo.

Del cuaderno de la tía Natalia

You’ve always had a lot of guts. A lot more than I’ve ever had. No, now that’s not true. It is. People think I’m this rough, tough, gun-toting badass, but I’m not. I never was. I don’t think about you as a ‘badass’. Dick. No, I mean, that you’ll always be my little sister.

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#i would kill so many people to ensure kieren walker is happy for the rest of his second life

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Orphan Black - Utopia parallels [1/?] :
Sarah Manning and Jessica Hyde, two orphans on the run catching up with their eastern european serial killer siblings in a cheap restaurant.

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"Some women are lost in the fire,
Some women are built from it.”

— Michelle K., Some

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orphan black meme | 1/4 relationships: helena and sarah

"Scientist made one little baby and then we split in two."

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1.04 // 2.10

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