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"Every human being is a collection of selves. They change all the time. We never stay as one person as we go on our journey to the grave."

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Me llaman inconstante, qué más quisiera yo: ser inconstante como la luz. Diversa como las tardes de placer y de las de pena. Mutable como los deseos, incierta como los abrazos, altanera y fugaz como la vida. Y no soy inconstante, que más quisiera yo.

Del cuaderno de la tía Natalia

itf meme | [2/2] locations : the cementeries

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kieren walker + boots

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And it begins… x

And it begins… x

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bbcamerica bbcthree

bbcamerica bbcthree

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thehomoschedule said: yo I just started In the Flesh and I live in the US. What exactly is there to do to "save in the flesh"

Of all the asks I could have expected to ever get, this wasn’t the one. LOL. You aren’t asking the best person for it. I’m actually kind of guessing my way through the whole #saveintheflesh thing and that’s mostly it. (Basically, I’m just tweeting and publishing stuff about it ;D I’m very terrible at this stuff)

Of course I’d say the whole buying dvd and watching where it counts is first and foremost. But then, fandom does whatever it takes to be heard. So, I’m just gonna link you to this post that is much better at this than me and explain much better about Social Sunday and how to take part.

I’m pretty sure there’s another one with general ways of helping, but I can’t find it right now. So I’m leaving this open in case anybody knows, and please, send the link this way :D

Sorry for not being much help!

PS. Here it is. Hope between both posts you can get a better idea at it :D (And everybody who wants to help :D)

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Because we need more undead puns 



Think of the possibilities, people. Jokes about wholebrain cereal, how zombies hate fastfood. Nomskulls. Oh the potential….

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itf meme | [1/2] locations : walker sibling’s bedrooms

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